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Guild Name: The Misery
Faction: Alliance
Realm: Gorefiend - US
Realm Type: PVP
Realm Timezone: Eastern
Battlegroup: Vindication
Raid Times:
Raid Schedule:

Members and Former Members of The Misery:

I personally would like to thank everyone for their time and hardwork during our 6 solid months together.  It really was fun playing with you all and we achieved quite a bit in my opinion.  We had a good group going but Gorefiend had too few players to have enough to consistently run 25 mans.  Thus leading to our quick breakdown.  

I am personally taking the summer off to be outdoors and hopefully renew my interest in WoW.   I will miss playing with you all and had a ton of laughs with you folks.  If I come back I too will probably transfer to Alliance on Sargeras since that is where the most of our raid group went that I know of. 

Thanks for everything,


This post was updated on June 30, 2013. 

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